Hepatitis B home test kit

AUD $28,95


A solution for confidential at home Hepatitis B test. Fast and reliable result within 15 minutes.

  • At home Hepatitis B test
  • Discreet delivery across Australia
  • Highly sensitive
  • Result within 15 minutes
  • Reliable
  • Easy
  • Fast Result

Hepatitis B is liver inflammation that caused by the hepatitis B virus. This virus can be transmitted through sexual contact or sharing needles.

Hepatitis B infection is a disease that does not last long in the patient’s body and will heal itself without special treatment. However, hepatitis B infection can also persist and persist in a person’s body (become chronic); this condition is called acute hepatitis or acute hepatitis B infection. 

Many people in Australia do not develop any symptoms during infection. Some develop symptoms such as:

  • fever
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • weakness
  • jaundice

Before you buy the test kit

When should I get tested?

When you have symptoms of Hepatitis B or if you think that you have been exposed to Hepatitis B. 

What do I get from Hepatitis B home test kit?

Hepatitis B home test kit contains alcohol swab, lancet, pipette, diluents, and simple instruction to guide you to do a Hepatitis B test at home and get a fast and reliable result.

Who can use this home test kit?

Both men and women.

How accurate is the test kit?

It’s very accurate with the sensitivity of more than 99% and the specificity of more than 99%.

What if my result is positive?

You should consult with your doctor and get medical advice and treatments.